Maren Elise



With you I feel empty
Life is a little dark
That’s not how it should be
I’m looking for a spark

Gonna cross this desert
Find my way to the sea
You were on a pedestal
But you’re no better than me

You have a little trouble with love
You never quite give enough
Always thought there’d be something there
But now I see you’ve never cared
Yeah, it was all just a mirage
I saw something that never was
You, you were just a mirage

It’s scary, leaving this
Starting again on my own
But I’ve got to push on
Or else I’ll never know

It’s dark as the cold air blows
The sand against my face
It’s sad to finally leave
But a waste of me to stay



Bombs go off every day
In lands far away
Corruption in the highest powers
Conspiracies and the two towers

Babies cry out hungry
On the streets, starving
Little girls are taken from their homes
Used, beaten, bruised, battered and sold

When it happens in a far off place
We go on with our day
When the pain is too hard to take
We just look away
When it’s something we don’t want to face
We just look away

Fathers lose their young sons
Terror tests our freedom
Children crying out for helpwith guns
Starved from the start for attention

Daughters lose their mothers
To hundreds of cancers
Fathers never get to meet their sons
Leaving their widows to care for them

Repeat Chorus

I’m heartwrenched
How can I help?
How can I help?
I’m heartwrenched
I’m gonna help
I’m gonna help

Chorus II:
When it happens in a far off place
Some go out of their way
When the pain is too hard to take
Some help take it away
When it’s something we don’t want to face
Real heroes save the day

She knows she’s cute ;)

She knows she’s cute ;)


We came crashing down here
Doesn’t look familiar
Nothing like where I’m from
We stand under a new sun

We try to navigate
This untraveled terrain
And I must admit
That I’m a little nervous

This is all so new to me
It feels so alien
This is where we should be
The world I want to be in
This is all so new to me
It feels so alien
Stars line up so we can see
And I finally believe it

This strange new planet
Just how I’d have planned it
Laws from before don’t apply
Float mid-air side by side

In uncharted space
Still don’t feel out of place
Even in the dark, you light
Explosions in my sky

Repeat Chorus

I’ve been lucky enough to do another collaboration with I have to say this is my favorite :) I love this song so much and am so proud to be a part of it. wrote such a gorgeous melody and I’m so thrilled to be able to sing it with her :) :) Please check out her other amazing songs here:

Vocals and lyrics by Marianne Holland and Maren Elise
music, composition, production by Marianne Holland
Remixes welcome, contact me for the vocal stems Key c 74 bpm

All is one - lyrics

Stardust fires through my veins
Like a rocket on a mission
Lightning gone straight to my brain
You are now my only vision
Fire is flowing through my veins
You are now my Obsession
Fear is racing through my brain
You are now my only vision
Chorus 1 
If this is just a lie
I don’t care about the truth
Like a dragon breathing fire
Can’t put out this desire
Maybe this is just a lie
My heart knows this is the truth
You are now my whole desire
Teach me a new destination
A burning torch held in my hand
And my thoughts only focus on you
Knocked me off the ground I stand
I fall into a flame of blue
My hand now holds a new torch
Until the emptiness is filled by you
Wished that you could know this
As I stand outside your room
Chorus 2 
Maybe this is just a dream
So why do I feel so alive
We carry parts of the same star
Beating now in both our hearts

All is…. All is… one.. All is one….


I watched the sun drop
As I wrote what I wanted
To happen to me

I turned the corner
Clueless to what I would find
There waiting for me

You could call it bliss
It’s what most people miss
It’s right here, right now
It’s this, it’s this, it’s this
It’s you and it’s me
Feeling this happy
Never would’ve thought
This is how it would be

I was hidden in
A cave that was so dark
Not allowed to see

You pull me out from
The depressed underground
You have stolen me

From where I couldn’t see
What was right ahead of me
All the tears I wouldn’t have cried
If I could have seen
Just what was coming
Sometimes you have to believe
Through the darkness of it all
The best is still coming….

Repeat Chorus

"The List"

You made a list of why you should go
And why you should stay
But nowhere on that list
Did I see my name

I asked you why and you said because
I’ve always been here
And every time you leave
Without any fear

That this could be the last time
That I could be whisked away
That you could lose me forever
Because you think I’ll always stay
And oh I didn’t plan it
Didn’t mean for it to happen like this
It ends up being so ironic
Cause I should have been on that list

Why, why can’t you see it happening?
I try to reach out
But you won’t grab a hold
Cause I’m always around

You know how much I care for you
Would’ve done anything
But you’re never concerned
You never believe

I tried to warn you
I tried to hold you
But you let me go
Afraid to be too close
But it only takes a day
To be taken away….

Chorus II
And so that was the last time
Cause I’ve been taken away
I’m gone now forever
I tried my hardest to stay
And oh I didn’t plan it
Didn’t mean for it to happen like this
It ends up being so ironic
Cause I should have been on your list….

Millie (Number One Fan)

You’re always there to boost me
When I’m feeling crappy
You find ways to crack me up
When the days are so tough

You think that you can’t do it
You better not forget
You are the most awesome
You can so do it all!

You are my number one fan
Everyone clap their hands!
Millie’s making the days bright
When things aren’t going right
Everyone clap their hands!
Let’s get down and dance dance dance

If you need a reminder
About how great you are
Why don’t you just play this song
And you just show them all!

And we can totally dance
Cause we’re so cool like that!
You can show them how it’s done
I told you, you’re number one!